The Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition

and our Long Lake Neighbors

Jim Fish Citizen Crime Prevention Award

This is an annual Crime Prevention award presented by the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition to recognize a Wayzata citizen or Wayzata area business person for service to the community, past and present, in the area of “crime prevention”. The award is meant to honor the recipient and via the name of the award honor, Jim Fish, who was instrumental in bringing and keeping the crime prevention programs in Wayzata.

The person receiving the award is someone known for their crime prevention activities and service over a period of time that encompasses more than just a single year. Examples of their crime prevention service might include; community recognition as a crime prevention leader and information source, serving on the WCPC Board, leadership roles in the WCPC or special WCPC activities, special involvement with the Wayzata Police and/or Fire Departments on crime prevention oriented activities, etc. The individual will be recognized primarily for his/her Wayzata contributions, but may also be involved in crime prevention activities that extend beyond his local community, such as county, state or national levels.

Past Recipients

  • 2018- Dave Dudinsky
  • 2017- Max Windmiller
  • 2016 – Barry Petit
  • 2015 – Bob Nash
  • 2014 – Bill Nelson
  • 2013 – Gina Holman
  • 2012 – Jeffrey Lambert
  • 2011 – Gordy Engel
  • 2010 – Mark Scheidhauer
  • 2009 – Robin Lindquist
  • 2008 – Kevin Klapprich
  • 2007 – Dave Hill
  • 2006 – Jim Ramstad
  • 2005 – Lynda Stahl
  • 2004 – Mike Bennett
  • 2003 – John Berg
  • 2002 – Greg Rye
  • 2001 – Dave Herzuck
  • 2000 – Dave McGill
  • 1999 – George Rye