The Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition

and our Long Lake Neighbors


The primary task of the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition is to educate and alert citizens and businesses about criminal activities within our community. We are strictly a volunteer arm of the Wayzata Police Department with no city funds. Historically, our efforts have focused on retail businesses helping them understand shop lifting methods, illegal check writing schemes, etc. The other ‘popular’ activity has been car break-ins.

Unfortunately we have two emerging and disturbing criminal trends, (1) internet activities geared toward unsuspecting children and seniors and (2) the brazen daylight residential break-ins. The criminal mind is quite creative and these unsettling patterns require the Crime Coalition to redevelop its educational message.

Our informational activities take money. In the past, the majority of our contributions came from the retail community. We are expanding these efforts to include our home owners.

Annually we have two fundraising drives: June and July geared to our local business and August and September toward our residents.